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"I don’t drink coffee I take (butter) tea my dear" - A Tibetan in New York — Very excited to run into a group of Tibetans in Manhattan today. Followers of my work will know I’ve spent a lot of time on the Plateau, hence my excitement to see them. Practiced my limited Tibetan phrases on them and made some portraits. More to follow.

Attending meetings in one of New York’s most iconic buildings this morning. Inside the elevator.

Beautiful afternoon in New York. Crossing a bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan, catching a glimpse of the One World Trade Center (far right).

It was a long day for everyone yesterday. Not just for those at the NYT review! Riding the subway back to Brooklyn.

Monday morning and time to open the curtains in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Today is my first day on an education outreach tour with the Pulitzer Center that will see me give 28 presentations in schools and universities, in 3 cities over the coming 13 days. Talking China, India, the environment and more. It’s going to be a fun and interesting couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

Just arrived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you’re in the Detroit area on Monday, the Pulitzer Center and I will be giving a presentation at the University of Michigan at 7:30. Join us for a discussion on China and the many environmental issues I’ve been covering there over the past 7 years.

Fragment of an image — Printing photos this afternoon in Beijing and I wasn’t happy with this one print. Tore it up and through it into the bin, only to discover this one piece looking back at me. If you’ve followed my Instagram feed for a while, you might recognise the image. It’s from a new story coming soon from my recent reporting in India.

Making prints today ahead of my upcoming trip to the US at the weekend. Still like to use prints to show my work to clients. Combined with showing multimedia on a device such as an iPad, it seems to be an effective combination.

The faint trail of an airplane cruising above Beijing’s capital airport this morning.

Exploring the shores of Fuhai Lake this afternoon at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing.